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Seven Investment Management Investment Platform


The 7IM platform is at the core of 7IM’s business offering financial intermediaries a broad choice of investment propositions to their clients. The origins of the platform lie in portfolio management and client servicing and not in aggregating assets. The platform has a team dedicated to developing the platform technology and doesn’t use external sources.

Advance by Embark

Advance by Embark is the former Zurich Intermediary Platform, which was purchased by Embark in 2020. Advance by Embark is the retail platform for the Embark group.

Aegon ARC

Aegon ARC

The Aegon Retirement Choices (ARC) platform is a holistic platform that can adapt as the needs of an adviser’s clients taking them through their working life and into retirement. The platform has over 4,000 investment options including pension fund solutions built by Aegon.

Cofunds Aegon

Aegon Platform (Cofunds)

The Aegon Platform is the new name for the Cofunds platform. Cofunds is one of the oldest adviser platforms in the market. It started life with the backing of six financial services companies, but is now owned by Aegon.


AJBell Investcentre

AJ Bell Investcentre

AJ Bell Investcentre is part of AJ Bell. The platform is designed specifically for financial advisers and aims to provide a full range of investments and tools at a reasonable price.

Alliance trust savings - investment platform (advised)

Alliance Trust Advisers

Alliance Trust Advisers is their adviser platform offering which combines flexible flat fee charging with support tools and process efficiencies. It was purchased by Embark and is now accessed through Embark. Charges here are for existing Alliance Trust Advisers customers that have moved to Embark. New customers will be subject to Advance by Embark’s charges.



The Ascentric wrap is dedicated to empowering advisers to manage wealth. It enables advisers to view, hold and trade their clients’ investments online. Advisers and their clients can access a wide range of wrappers and a large investment range on the platform.

Aviva Consumer Platform

Aviva Advised Platform

The Aviva Advised Platform is designed to make it easier for advisers to manage their clients’ investments. The platform is straightforward to use, with a wide range of products and investments available.

Credo wealth - investment platform (advised)

Credo Wealth

Credo provides services to financial intermediaries (wealth managers, advice firms and family offices) and their clients. The Wealth Platform provides access to whole of market, multi-asset class investments and incorporates research, portfolio modelling, trade execution, global custody (onshore & offshore), white-labelled investor reporting, an online investor portal and support for 14 currencies. A Managed Portfolio Services is also available.

Standard Life Elevate


Formerly part of AXA, the Elevate platform is now a Standard Life proposition. It enables advisers to view and manage all of a client’s investments, online, in one place. The platform provides access to a wide range of wrappers and offers a broad range of investments to suit client needs.



FundsNetwork is the advised branch of the execution-only platform Fidelity. It has over 19 years of experience in providing firms with the products, infrastructure and support they need to help them work more efficiently, save time and reduce costs.

Hubwise Platform


Hubwise is a technology and platform solutions provider that provides white-labelled solutions to the advised platform market. Hubwise was founded by Angus Macdonald who has form in this area having been one of the protagonists behind JHC’s Figaro.

James Hay Partnership

James Hay

James Hay Partnership, a platform with a focus on retirement wealth planning, has been working with financial advisers and investors for over 35 years to administer pensions, savings and investments.

The Modular iPlan offers SIPP, ISA and GIA solutions. The iPlan uses the modular approach that began when the stand-alone Modular iSIPP was launched in early 2013. It allows investors to switch investment options on and off to suit their specific investment needs and ensures they only pay for what they use, and only while they use it.

James Hay does not apply a dealing charge for investing in ETFs, but there are associated stockbroker charges. Users can choose their own or from the James Hay panel (Selftrade and Stocktrade). For the purposes of the calculator, Selftrade charges have been used to give users an idea of potential costs.



Novia is an advised platform which aims to use its experience and modern technology to deliver a comprehensive, quality wealth management service for investment advisers and their clients.



Nucleus is an advised platform created, in 2006, upon the realisation that pensions and investment products were not as flexible as they could be. They created a new model, which would put the adviser in charge enabling the creation of tax-efficient, low cost investment solutions for each and every client. Advisers are free to manage their client’s portfolio to meet their personal objectives.

Old Mutal Wealth Investment Platform

Old Mutual Wealth

Old Mutual Wealth is an advised investment platform. It is known for leading in the wealth management industry, providing the best service and management for the client. Its range of technology and ambition is reflected in the fund supermarket, the first ever created in the UK.

P1 Investment Management

P1 is an open-architecture, cloud-based advised platform which provides its own GIA, ISA, JISA and Sipp as well as a number of third-party products. The platform is digital-only and advisers can link software, such as back-office ststems and cashflow planning tools, to the platform. It allows white-labelling of platforms and access to its Managed Portfolio Service and Bespoke Investment Service, managed by P1’s investment team.


Parmenion is a platform which aims to provide advisers with access to a wide range of in-house and third party wrappers. Parmenion is aimed at advisers which want to create or run existing centralised investment propositions (CIPs). It also offers in-house and external discretionary investment management, through a wide range of in-house and third-party products.


Praemium is an international platform provider that focuses on delivering a wide range of in-house and third-party tax wrappers and investment solutions. Its focus is on driving innovation in managed accounts and platform technology. Its Separately (SMA) and Individually Managed Accounts (IMAs) allow advisers to tap into a wide range of tax wrappers and over 30 DFMs. Praemium also offers a range of compatible APIs along with reporting and analysis tools

Raymond James Semi Bundled

Raymond James (Semi Bundled)

Raymond James provides unique wealth management solutions for wealth managers and their clients. The Raymond James platform service offers access to a broad range of assets and tax wrappers. Raymond James offers three pricing models, tiered bundled, semi bundled and unbundled, enabling wealth managers to choose the right structure depending on their clients’ portfolio size and expected trading volumes.

Raymond James Tiered Bundled

Raymond James (Tiered Bundled)

Raymond James provides unique wealth management solutions for wealth managers and their clients. The Raymond James platform service offers access