Thinking about investing?


Welcome to our simple investment platform fee calculator. It’s time-consuming to research and find the right investment platform that ticks all your boxes, even more so when you don’t know what accounts you need or might want!

This simple calculator assumes you’re new to investing and you know very little about things like ISAs and Sipps. It will guide you to the best DIY investment platforms for your particular circumstances based on a few simple questions and the kind of support you want such as recommended fund lists.

If you do know a bit more and want something a bit more detailed, head over to our investment platform calculator. There is also the option of the robo-adviser calculator that helps you find an investment provider that does all the thinking for you.

We have independently researched these providers and know what they can do for you as well as how much they cost. But it’s not just about price, functionality and service are also important. Some are easy to use and helpful, but they may come with high charges. Others are cheap but might lack something you might need later.

The fees shown are only for the cost of hosting and administering your investments. The cost of the actual investments, whether they’re funds, investment trusts, equities or bonds, will be on top. Some platforms are able negotiate better rates with investment providers, so it’s worth giving some thought to the total overall cost: platform fee plus investment fees.