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Santander Digital Investment Adviser

Santander bank launched its Digital Investment Adviser (DIA) service in September 2018, offering financial advice on a limited range of Santander products. The DIA offering is a hybrid of its Investment Hub (DIY) for confident investors and its financial planning service and is available to Santander account holders only.

For a fee of £20, a suitability report is created based on a sophisticated risk-assessment and financial behaviour questionnaire. The report may direct you to a Santander savings account instead or will tell you how to get started with your investing.  The available fund range is restricted to four different in-house Santander funds: Multi Index 1 to 4. The minimum investment is £500 for a lump sum (and up to £20,000 with no further investment) or £100 if you commit to investing at least £20 per month.

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Available products & Wrappers

General Investments ISAs JISAs Pensions & SIPPs Junior SIPP Lifetime ISAs Others
Research, Tools and Information


Learning section containing detailed breakdowns of investing essentials.

Table of charges

£0-£50000 0.35%
£50000-£500000 0.20%
£500000+ 0.10%
Underlying fund charge 0.34% to 0.49%

Minimum Investments

Lump-sum Top-ups Monthly
£500 lump sum (up to £20,000). Or £100 and £20 monthly (£340 minimum). £20

Compare the Platform Says

Products & Wrappers Research & Guidance Charges OVERALL SERVICE
Works though their Investment Hub. Good customer profiling/risk assessment. Long-winded, and seems to be a forgotten service among their investment support lines. Limited research and guidance.