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Aegon Retiready

Retiready is a direct-to-consumer platform launched in 2014. It is owned by Aegon, the life insurance and pension provider. Retiready offers a limited investment choice through an ISA and a SIPP.

AJ Bell Youinvest

AJ Bell Youinvest offers a broad range of investments through a number of different accounts: a SIPP, stocks and shares ISA, Lifetime ISA and dealing account. It also offers an ISA, SIPP and dealing account for children.

Alliance trust savings - investment platform (advised)

Alliance Trust Savings

Owned by Alliance Trust PLC, one of the oldest generalist investment trusts in the UK.  Alliance Trust Savings started life as a savings scheme for trust shareholders, but when PEPs (the forerunners to ISAs) were launched in 1986,  it became an investment trust supermarket. Today it offers a broad array of investments and wrappers including ISAs, Sipps and general dealing accounts for adults and children.

Aviva Consumer Platform

Aviva Consumer Platform

Aviva is a well-known insurance provider. Its direct-to-consumer platform is embedded into its broader consumer portal.  As well as providing access to a variety of insurance products and policies, consumers can open general investment accounts, ISAs and pensions.

Barclays Smart Investor

This is Barclays’ new D2C platform which replaced its previous stockbroker site. The new site combines the platform with online banking, so if you’re a banking customer, all your accounts will be seamlessly integrated with just one set of credentials for access. At the moment, customers can open an ISA or general investment account.


Bestinvest is a DIY platform offering a broad variety of products and investments. The platform is anchored in strong and independent research (the research team is highly respected), providing investors with tools to help them make informed choices and good investment selections.  As well as offering a DIY platform, Bestinvest also has advice and discretionary arms for investors who want to hand over the reins at some point or for more complicated investment objectives.

Cavendish online - investment platform (D2C)

Cavendish Online

Cavendish Online is an execution-only broker offering a range of products from home and life assurance to annuities, pensions and investments.  The investment part of the platform is underpinned by the Fidelity Fundsnetwork platform.

Charles Stanley Direct

Charles Stanley Direct is one of the UK’s better known DIY platforms. With a good range of investments, regular news updates and email reminders, it aims to make investments easy for customers while still offering lots of features. It also offers advisory and discretionary services.

Chelsea Financial

Chelsea started life in 1983 as a discount broker. More than 30 years later, it has developed a reputation for independent fund research and a personalised service. The platform is underpinned by the Cofunds institutional platform. It works closely with its sister company, FundCalibre, which specialises in fund research and ratings, and model portfolios.

Close Brothers

As well as providing advisory and discretionary services for its mainly high-net-worth client base, Close runs a DIY platform. Initially launched for existing clients, it is now available to all consumers.

Equiniti shareview - investment platform (D2C)

Equiniti Shareview

Equiniti Shareview is a low-cost, trade-heavy, investment service. It acts as a registrar for over 700 companies and employers, managing some 24 million shareholder accounts.

Fidelity - investment platform (D2C)


Fidelity is a long-established fund management company with investment platforms for advisers, employers and consumers. The DIY platform offers a wide array of products, tools and research to make investing easier for investors.

Fidelity Investment ISA (Capital at risk)

Financial discounts direct- investment platform (D2C)

Financial Discounts Direct

Financial Discounts Direct is a DIY platform that is supported by the Cofunds institutional platform. Its aim is to provide a high-quality, low-cost service to private investors.

Fundsnet - investment platform (advised)


Fundsnet is a DIY platform run by City House Investors, a financial planning and wealth company. It aims to provide a simple and low-cost service for retail investors.  The platform is underpinned by the Cofunds institutional platform and offers customers a good range of research tools and guidance.

Halifax share dealing - investment platform (D2C)

Halifax Share Dealing

The Halifax Share Dealing is the Halifax (part of Lloyds Banking Group) DIY investment and share-dealing platform.

Hargreaves Lansdown - investment platform (D2C)

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown is the oldest DIY platform in the UK with more than 35 years’ experience under its belt.  This Bristol-based company started life as a small advice firm and has grown into a  FTSE 100 company with a wide range of services including advice, discretionary management, its own investment funds and model portfolios.

Interactive investor - investment platform (D2C)

Interactive Investor

Interactive Investor started life in 1995 providing data and information for self-directed, mainly savvy, investors. Since then it has continued to grow strongly and today counts more than 7m users in the UK. Customers can choose from investment options including share and fund dealing, SIPP, ISA and Junior ISA trading accounts, an extensive research range, investment filters and a selection of ready-made investment option, underpinned by a simple ‘flat fee’ pricing model. In October 2018 it announced it was acquiring Alliance Trust Savings.

iWeb - investment platform (D2C)


iWeb is a DIY platform operated by  Halifax Sharedealing. Like the Halifax service, it is heavily focused on delivering a low-cost, effective way of share and fund dealing. It offers a range of investments and accounts including ISAs and SIPPs.

Santander - investment platform (D2C)

Santander Investment Hub

Santander Investment Hub is Santander Bank’s online DIY platform for existing and new customers. The platform is brand new and has a slick, easy-to-use interface.

Selftrade - investment platform (advised)


Selftrade is a DIY platform that that is backed by Equiniti. As the name indicates, it has a trading heritage.  It provides a comprehensive range of investments and access to ISAs, Sipps and general investment accounts.

Strawberry invest - investment platform (D2C)

Strawberry Invest

Strawberry Invest was launched by P1 Investment Management, a financial advice and wealth management company.  Designed for novice investors but suitable for all, it has a good range of investments and research.

SVS XO - investment platform (D2C)


SVS XO is a DIY platform for traders only. Only stocks and shares can be added to its GIA and ISAs.

The share centre - investment platform (D2C)

The Share Centre

As indicated by its name, the Share Centre is a stock-broker that offers a broad array of investments. Products include ISAs and general investment accounts for adults and children as well as Sipps. Consumers also have a wide choice of investments to choose from.

True Potential Investor

This is the direct-to-consumer platform owned by True Potential, the financial advice group. The platform provides access to 10 discretionary portfolios managed by True Potential through ISA, SIPP or General Investment accounts.

Vanguard - investment platform (D2C)


This is Vanguard’s direct-to-consumer platform. Vanguard is one of the largest fund groups in the world and an advocate of passive investing. The platform was launched in May 2017 and gives investors access to  Vanguard funds through an ISA, junior ISA and a general investment account. Investors can choose from blended funds (the LifeStrategy and Target Retirement range), index and active funds.

Willis Owen - investment platform (D2C)

Willis Owen

Willis Owen is one of the oldest DIY platforms in the market. Its interface has recently been updated and refreshed and there are further platform enhancements expected this year.