&me is primarily an app-based investment service powered from M&G Wealth and powered by Moneyfarm. It is targeted primarily at younger investors who need a straightforward investment service. They offer two types of portfolios, Classic and Targeted, which are overseen by the M&G Wealth team. Available accounts include ISA, Junior ISA and general investment account with a pension ‘coming soon’.
Barclays Direct Investing

Barclays Plan & Invest

Barclays Plan & Invest is Barclays' digital investment service. Only Barclays customers can use the service, which is access through online banking or the Barclays app. Customers are recommended a managed portfolio of the bank's preferred choice of active and passive funds. Investments are managed by the bank's team of investment experts, a service that was previously only available to customers with large amounts to invest. Barclays has partnered with Scalable Capital to provide the service.


Beanstalk app is designed to make it easy to invest for your family. Within the app, you can invite others to contribute, set up a regular savings plan, or top up whenever you like. They offer a stocks & shares ISA and JISA.

Brewin Portfolio Service

This is Brewin Dolphin's online, accessible service with a minimum investment of £500.  Investors pick from one of six risk-rated portfolios based on risk tolerance and investment objectives.  The overall charge is made up of Brewin’s management fee of 0.70% and portfolio costs that range from 0.11% to 0.23%. (more…)


Circa5000 (formerly Tickr) is a robo adviser which provides access to investments which have a positive impact on the world. Its aim is to build social responsibility into investing and do so through their 5 (self-explanatory) portfolios: Climate Change, Disruptive Technology, Equality, and Combination. For example, the Climate Change portfolio aims to provide ETFs which invest in global clean water and energy. (more…)


Clim8 is an app-based robo adviser which provides access to six investment themes: Clean Energy, Clean Technology, Clean Mobility, Sustainable Food and Circular Economy, Clean Water and Recycling. All portfolios have three risk-ratings of cautious, balanced and adventurous and have a focus on sustainable investing. Clim8 has its own team in-house to identify suitable investments and the portfolios are looked after by Wealthkernel.
Dodl AJ Bell


Dodl is the brand new, low-cost, app-only platform from AJ Bell. Dodl has two main objectives: keep things simple and low cost. To make your investment decisions easier, you’ll pick from a straightforward range made up of funds, exchange traded funds and shares through an ISA, LISA, Sipp or GIA.

EQ Investors – Best Ideas Portfolio

EQ Investors is a financial planning firm and wealth manager with a strong focus on impact/ethical and low-cost investing. Investors can choose to use its planning service or invest directly in its portfolios.


EQ Investors – Future Leaders Portfolio

EQ Investors is a financial planning firm and wealth manager with a strong focus on impact/ethical and low-cost investing. Investors can choose to use its planning service or invest directly in its portfolios. (more…)

EQ Investors – Positive Impact Portfolio

EQ Investors is a financial planning firm and wealth manager with a strong focus on impact/ ethical and low-cost investing. Investors can choose to use its planning service or invest in its portfolios. (more…)


evestor is the non-advised offering from OpenMoney. Investors can choose an ISA, General Investment Account (GIA) or a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP) and open one with just a pound. There are three portfolios for investors choose from which invest mainly in passive funds from BlackRock, Vanguard and Fidelity. Though there's no advice given, the portfolios are managed by the same investment committee as OpenMoney's. (more…)

Exo Investing

Exo Investing launched in April 2018. After a questionnaire on attitude to risk, investment experience and goals you are assigned a risk profile. Investors can choose the ‘style’ (e.g. low-volatility, socially responsible, corporate). If you're unsure, AI algorithms tailor your portfolio. (more…)

HSBC My Investment

HSBC's My Investment service has a one-off advice fee of 0.5% which only payable if an investment is made (and there is no obligation to do that). There is an annual maintenance charge of around 0.49% a year to cover the running of the investments. After answering a series of questions the potential investor will be sent a personalised investment recommendation report which will recommend an HSBC investment fund that meets their needs. Requires an HSBC current account and registration through online banking to apply.

IG Smart Portfolios

IG is a spread-betting, CFD and equity trading platform that has ventured into the less controversial world of robo advice with the release of Smart Portfolios. The Smart Portfolios use BlackRock’s active asset allocation tools and are underpinned by BlackRock’s ETF range, iShares.  Following a questionnaire about attitude to risk and financial situation, investors choose an investment strategy. (more…)


InvestEngine is a robo-adviser launched by former Gumtree co-founder Simon Crookall. Following a questionnaire to assess personal situation, attitude to risk and investment goals, investors are matched to a portfolio or have the option to build their own one. The portfolios are built with ETFs. There is an ISA and GIA and the minimum investment is £100. (more…)


Moneybox offers an innovative way of investing. In addition to a weekly minimum investment of £1, you can round up any card transactions to the nearest pound and invest through moneybox. There are risk-targeted portfolios and they also come in ethical flavours. (more…)


Moneyfarm is a well-established Italian robo-adviser that launched in the UK in 2016. It offers a discretionary investment service with the option for advice. Following an investor-knowledge assessment and risk profile, you are recommended one of 12 portfolios. (more…)


Paying for financial advice is sometimes not an option for investors, but Munnypot provides advice and portfolio monitoring through an online experience. It's one of a few online providers with an advice service (do it with me) rather than a discretionary service (do it for me). (more…)

Natwest Invest (banking customers only)

Natwest Invest is an online available to Natwest customers. After questions on attitude to risk and investment objectives, investors can choose from five risk-profiled funds or ask for advice. GIA and ISA accounts are available with a minimum investment of £50. Monthly investments are necessary if the investment is below £5,000. The service is run by Natwest’s private bank arm, Coutts. (more…)


Netwealth is an online discretionary provider with financial planning tools to help investors. Customers can also access full financial advice. A very broad range of accounts is available and offered in pounds, dollars and euros. To get started investors choose their investment objective, account type and risk level. The app doesn't help investors define their attitude to risk, but it sets out who each risk level is suitable for with examples of returns and full details of holdings. (more…)

Nutmeg – Fixed Allocation Portfolio

Nutmeg is the most established robo-adviser in the UK. It currently offers ISAs, JISAs, Lifetime ISAs, SIPPs and General investment accounts. Nutmeg is a discretionary manager, but investors can also access financial advice. Investors start by selecting the account type, how much and how long they want to invest for. (more…)