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Wombat is a mobile app-based robo-adviser aimed at younger people who are new to investing. The app features 15 themes to choose from with each theme represented by a single ETF. Wombat allows you to pick and compile different themes (ETFs) into a wider portfolio of investments. Wombat has both ISA and GIA accounts.

Wombat is a highly stylised and visual thematic investor that is banking on the fact that investors will be drawn to their areas of interest or belief.  While an interesting angle, no mention is made of the benefits of asset allocation and the risks of thematic investment. Red chillies indicate how risky an investment might be. Once a portfolio exceeds £1,000, Wombat charges a robo fee of 0.45%, underlying fund charges and a £1 subscripton fee.

Everything is done on the app. Transaction round-ups are available to help you save and invest more.


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Available products & Wrappers

General InvestmentsISAsJISAsPensions & SIPPsJunior SIPPLifetime ISAsOthers
Research, Tools and Information

Learning, Advice and Support

A learning hub with articles explaining investing and how Wombat works. Contact email.


Mobile app

Table of charges

£1,000+£1 pm and 0.45%.
Underlying fund charge0.07% to 0.7%

Minimum Investments


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Products & Wrappers Research & GuidanceChargesOVERALL SERVICE
GIAs and ISAs only. Short and sweet guides explaining the nuances of investing.Can vary substantially depending on portfolio size and underlying funds.An interesting approach, but lacks asset allocation overlay.