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WealthSimple – Socially Responsible

Wealthsimple, one of the largest robo-advisers in Canada, is a relatively new entrant to the UK market. Following a risk assessment questionnaire, a portfolio is custom-built for you and tailored to your investment objectives. Wealthsimple is a discretionary manager, but also offers advice as a basic account feature.

With Wealthsimple the more you invest, the more benefits you get. These benefits scale up with the amount invested through their different Basic, Black and Generation plans. Within each plan you can invest into ISAs, JISAs, SIPPs and General Investment accounts. Mobile apps are available to keep you up to date on the go.

WealthSimple’s Socially Responsible offering has a minimum investment of £5,000 and charges higher fund charges of between 0.23% and 0.32%.

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Available products & Wrappers

General InvestmentsISAsJISAsPensions & SIPPsJunior SIPPLifetime ISAsOthers
Research, Tools and Information

Advice, help and contact

Advice consultations can be booked.


Educational videos, resources, a magazine and more.

Further services

Mobile apps

Table of charges

Ave underlying fund charge0.23-0.32%

Minimum Investments


Compare the Platform Says

Products & Wrappers Research & GuidanceChargesOVERALL SERVICE
Very good product range. Rich array of resources, articles and guidance.Middle of the road on price.A clean, easily-navigated, well designed robo. Could be cheaper. Ethical.