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Scalable Capital is a German robo-adviser that has services in the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It offers two different approaches: an ‘Investing with you’ advice service complete with financial planning and portfolio selection, and a discretionary ‘Investing for you’ investment service, without the financial planning aspect.

Both approaches involve an assessment of your financial situation and your attitude to risk, from which a portfolio is built. A minimum of £10,000 is required in Scalable Capital’s ISA, SIPP and General investment accounts. Mobile apps allow you to keep track of your portfolio.

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Available products & Wrappers

General InvestmentsISAsJISAsPensions & SIPPsJunior SIPPLifetime ISAsOthers
Research, Tools and Information

Advice, Help and Contact

Advisers available on call. Phone, email and live chat available.


Content hub with a media library, articles, events and webinars.

Further Information

Mobile app

Table of charges

Robo fee0.59%
Underlying ETF charges0.16%
Trading fees0.16%

Minimum Investments


Compare the Platform Says

Products & Wrappers Research & GuidanceChargesOVERALL SERVICE
Good product range including: Pensions (SIPPs), GIAs and ISAs. A content hub with informative videos, webinars and articles. Advisers available upon booking.High charges.Good range of products, resources and the option of advice. Relatively pricey. Very good advisory staff on call.